Jul 30, 2015

Shiny Little Things

Though I've been on a self-imposed makeup-buying ban, a girl just can't help herself sometimes. It's the easiest pick-me-up I know of, and the superficial aesthete in me loves trying new brands if even just for their beautiful packaging. I'm also heading to SF tomorrow (on a 6am flight, why?!) and I have a bad habit of picking up a few new things each time I travel somewhere (which has been quite a bit this year...).

Whenever I see a bright red lipstick with slight tinges of orange or coral, I know it'll probably be a winner. A lot of pinks and berries just don't look good on my skin tone. And it's a bigger bonus if the lipstick is matte, like this one that I just picked up by Charlotte Tilbury. I find that matte finishes tend to last longer for me, even through drink and food.

A makeup artist I worked with recently introduced me to Kjaer Weis, an organic and natural makeup brand that still feels luxurious and sleek. The packaging is amazing. The compact feels like a solid piece of metal and it's refillable so now I can just buy refills when I'm done. I'm starting my collection with this cream blush, which I tried immediately after photographing and love how easily it glides on and blends.

And if you're curious, this tiny bag is the YSL Camera Bag. I picked it up a few months ago as a cute evening bag option, but it juuuust barely fits my iPhone 6+, so I haven't used it quite as much as I should have. These shiny sunglasses are from Anne et Valentin. The wee little perfume is from a Tom Ford mini collection pack, which seems to have been only available over the holidays.

Now I'm looking forward to escaping these near 100-degree days for a nice cool SF!

Jul 28, 2015

Étourdissant Cartier

I haven't felt this speechless in a while in trying to start a blog post. I'm afraid, of course, that my writing won't even begin to do the experience justice. The experience being my whirlwind French Riviera trip to celebrate Cartier's High Jewelry collection, Étourdissant Cartier. My speechlessness is somewhat fitting, given that there is no real word or translation for "étourdissant" in English. It can be loosely translated as something stunning that might blow you away or make you feel dizzy or faint. And that it did. The scenes that passed by me seemed to be straight out of a dreamy world that only live on Pinterest boards and imaginations. What I can do is share with you some moments (which was incredibly hard to narrow down) from those otherworldly 48 hours or so.

Above: Setting the scene – we took countless boat rides and ended up on either beautiful islands or majestic estates.
Below: The site of the jewelry presentation (with over 400 striking pieces) was in a residence with sprawling gardens that led right out to the sea. With all the sapphires (including this head-turner of a piece), emeralds, rubies, onyx, coral, and diamonds (and more!) in one place, I walked through the rooms almost in a daze.

Leave it to Cartier to pull off a surprise helicopter adventure that took us to the top of a mountain where there was champagne and sweets waiting for us, all without a hitch. This was actually my first time in a helicopter and I couldn't have asked for a better way to see the scenery (and stalk the STUNNING homes in the area from the air).

When you think it couldn't possibly get any dreamier, it does. Because a vintage Citroën DS ride to Picasso's last residence where the sun is setting perfectly over the hills is more picturesque than anything I could conjure up in my wildest imagination. I hate to sound braggy, but my god, there's no other way to talk about this setting.

It's truly a treat to experience the level of attention and detail that a house like Cartier puts into everything they do. A big 'Merci' to them for the incredible memories and inspiring adventure.

Jul 22, 2015


I'm back from France but unpacking and repacking for an editorial travel job up in CT for the next few days. I am dying to work on a longer blog post from my trip, but barely have enough hours in a day as it is, so will gently put it on hold for now. I love the recent colors on my Instagram feed so much that I'm so sad to break it and have to start posting sad grey, not so vibrant things again. On the flip side, I've really missed my morning coffee routine (have had way too many terrible, expensive espressos) and am so thankful to have that for a day or two again. After CT, I'm headed to SF for a wedding and a proper west coast trip... already dreaming of the west coast light and Big Sur.

Though I love being on the go constantly, everything has basically exploded over my apartment and I feel like I'm constantly trying to catch up in the interim, and still trying (or failing) to meet the demands of my job. It's a tricky balance and not actually all that fun and games despite the carefreeness that might be portrayed on social media. In the end, it's still incredibly fulfilling and I wouldn't trade it for anything.